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Do you want to live a life
that turns you the fuck on?
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Empowering conscious, unconventional women to manifest sensational lives, love 

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Marian BACOL

Meet the Pleasure Priestess,

Multidimensional creatrix, manifestation coach, content creator, best-selling author, activational TEDx speaker and world-renowned force of nature. Has been referred to as equal parts bougie and badass.


I’m here to show you that your life wants to be enjoyed by you. My mission? To guide, empower and ACTIVATE conscious, unconventional women to manifest a sensational life, love and business by embracing their sexual, sensual and spiritual powers.


I am a phoenix who has risen from the ashes time and time again playing by my own damn rules. If you are attracted to this energy, if you immerse yourself in my world, I have a delicious little secret for you: so are you. My earthly credentials include working in marketing, business development and event production for 19+ years. My greatest achievement is guiding hundreds of high-achieving female powerhouses towards their most aligned, authentic, unapologetic, multidimensional selves. 


Welcome to the   

Sensational Self Mastermind

Step into your unconventional sexual,
sensual and spiritual power


We do things differently here. We aren’t afraid of the dark. 

Creation takes place in the cosmic void.

Embrace your darkness.


In our goddess energy, we cut the shit.  My signature Sensational Self Mastermind isn’t for the faint of heart. The Mastermind is a HIGH-TOUCH and HIGH-LEVEL 6-month program for the female entrepreneur/high-powered executive that has a thriving career and is well into her healing journey but is ready and hungry for more, and knows she has to go through the darkness to embody her Highest self. 


This program is for those of us who run towards the dark instead of away from it. It’s for those of us who are fucking done with settling for showing up as a watered down version of our authentic selves. It’s for women that regularly invest in themselves and take accountability for their own healing. It’s for the women who get turned on at the idea of experiencing the most multidimensional, magickal, orgasmic version of our lives that we know is waiting for us.

Put a finger down if this sounds like you…

“I feel like I’m living a double life as an impostor, my external success doesn’t reflect how I feel on the inside. I feel like I put on a costume to show up in the world, something is missing.”


“I haven’t felt like I’m in my body for a long time now. My mind and body, my logic and my heart, are telling me different things and I don’t know how to trust my intuition – I want to trust my body and my intuition.”


“Hustle culture is draining my soul. I’m showing up in my masculine energy and being a cutthroat business/career woman is starting to take a toll on my mental and/or physical health, I feel disconnected from my pussy, pleasure and Divine Feminine energy.”


“I’m not in touch with my sexuality, and I feel shame around wanting to express myself sexually. I don’t know what my most sensual, sexual self looks like.”

“I am experiencing a dark night of the soul and have started to have a different perspective on life. I’m more spiritual now, but I don’t know how to tap into my ultimate goddess energy that I can feel brewing inside of me…”

I said all these things too a few years ago.

If you put down three or more fingers, I know you know.

It’s about damn time for a change.

Are you ready to level up your life, sex, love, mindset and business/career?

What’s it like working with me?

Deganit welcomed spiritual alignment… 

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about my time with Marian and our work together continues to benefit my path and purpose and my career.”


"There was this strong spiritual component to everything we were doing, and she fully understood that my profession is my path and purpose, it's not just a career to me, it is self-expression. She helped that mission come to life and she helped me feel greater confidence in my greater vision and feel more certain and capable and even offered me strategies.”


“The last guy was overly complicating it and making my brain turn to mush, and with Marian, it was like really? That's gonna work? I was hesitant to believe how effective her strategies could be because they felt so pleasurable and so aligned and they felt so easy and they were so effective. They were super effective. I had multiple six-figure launches with Marian's help and the best part of it all was I never felt like I was compromising, self-abandoning, self-sacrificing, it never felt like an uphill battle. I felt seen and honoured and respected… it’s the gift that keeps on giving." 


“Work just gets easier and easier and easier and that's all thanks to the mindset work that I did with Marian… I just use the tools that Marian taught me and get spiritually aligned and express an offer from a space of knowing and trust in myself and in my work.”

Deganit Nuur

Los Angeles, CA 

Nuurvana founder & spiritual teacher




Private, one-on-one customized coaching


This high-level, high-touch one-on-one mentoring opportunity is highly exclusive. Each client experience is infinitely different from the next, and your experience working with me will be tailored just for you.

This programme is for the GRANDE DAMES. It’s for the magickal, empowered woman who has built over six-figure empires playing in a league of her own that’s looking to commit to herself as a divine priestess of her own pleasure. This is a highly personalized, high-touch experience, so spots are capped at 4 women each year and the application process is tailored for us to see if we’re a match made in the cosmos. 


IS THIS FOR YOU? You have the title, the paycheck, the house, the look, the aesthetic. Your clients are raving about your business, and you’re living the lavish life that younger you could have only dreamt of. BUT… you’re working yourself to the bone, you live to work instead of work to live, you look in the mirror and you don’t recognize yourself. Somewhere along the way to the top, you lost yourself. 


IT’S TIME TO GET YOU BACK. This is where I come in. I am here to take you by the hand and help you pick up your rightful crown that has fallen. I’m here to stimulate your desire to manifest the life of your dreams that is already yours, just waiting for you to claim it as your own. You are meant for so much more, and so much more is just waiting to flow effortlessly to you. By working together, we’ll say goodbye to the endless hustle, the glorification of the grind, the hollow feeling in your chest that tells you something’s off. 


YOUR HIGHER SELF HAS BEEN INSIDE YOU ALL ALONG. It’s time to get in touch with her, turn her on and drink from your own glorious feminine essence to step into your ultimate goddess energy. To live in your ultimate sexual, sensual, spiritual powers every single day of your life and seduce yourself to live the euphoric, exhilarating, sensational life you deserve. 


Are you looking for a powerhouse speaker armed with decades of personal and professional wisdom who provides intersectional insight into areas of sensuality, sexuality, spirituality, diversity, inclusion, business and strategy?


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Book Marian Valenza to speak to and empower your audience with a bold, unconventional, unapologetic approach to conscious leadership, manifestation, feminine energy, spirituality, entrepreneurship and so much more.

People are ready to be activated, and activation is exactly what Marian delivers. She rouses a crowd to leap out of their seats, to have their hearts hammering in their chests with epiphanies going off like fireworks behind their eyes as they’re activated to make big, powerful moves that are authentically in alignment with them. She captures the souls of audiences both small and large, actively guides audiences to practice breathwork as well as meditative and wellness practices. She is easily adaptable to large corporate settings, intimate workshops and online webinars. 



Guidance to embracing your sexual, sensual & spiritual feminine energy, courtesy of Marian, delivered straight to your phone. Go wild.


THE PARTY DON’T STOP ON TIK TOK. Discover content from Marian giving you practical advice on all things spirituality, sex magick, leaning into your feminine energy and manifestation.  


GET YOUR DAILY DOSE OF GODDESS INSPO ON THE ‘GRAM. Get inspired by the multidimensional creatrix. Here is where you get an all-access look at the life Marian has built, and she delivers advice regularly on how you can live your most sensational life, too. 


QUANTUM LEAP WITH MARIAN ON YOUTUBE. It’s time to get activated. Consume long-form content that gives you the secret spice to transform into your most authentic, magickal self. Warning: Might push you into action faster than you think!

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