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Conscious Entrepreneurship and Leadership Events

Not your dad’s business development events. Join Marian’s innovative and inclusive events leading you to aligned, inspired collaboration and radical ownership of yourself, your manifestations and your business!

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Sensational Self Retreats

An exclusive opportunity to fully step into your divine femininity & claim your spot in your highest timeline

Sensational Self Retreats create the most supportive community for women who are looking to take radical ownership of their own healing processes and embody their most sovereign, sexual, sensual and spiritual selves. Typically a part of my signature Sensational Self Mastermind, a majority of participants will be members of the Mastermind, but additional sign-ups are considered on a case-by-case basis.

You can't experience this level of intimacy or immersion in any typical online program.

The Details You Need

This unique event is an incubator for transformation that can only be experienced live, in person, while surrounded by other female-identifying high-powered entrepreneurs who are ready to take radical responsibility for their own healing process and embody their most sovereign, sexual, sensual and spiritual selves to elevate their life, sex, love, mindset and business. Participants of this retreat are looking to immerse themselves in a community of self-motivated, powerful women who are ready to quantum leap into a higher reality where they freely are, do and have whatever the fuck they want as their divinely creative, unconventional, authentic, MULTIDIMENSIONAL goddess selves work in alignment with the universe to form a reality beyond their wildest dreams.

Be warned that this retreat is not for the faint of heart, and will discuss taboo topics such as sexual trauma, abuse, addictions, self pleasure, sex magick, sexuality, kink/BDSM and more in order to go deep, heal through these wounds and embrace radical transformation. This retreat is specifically made for women who are ready to have these difficult conversations and understand that they must go through the darkness in order to manifest the Sensational lives they are craving.


As women, it can be so easy to be told or to feel that we have to take care of everyone and everything before ourselves. But how can you begin to impactfully fill others’ cups when your own cups are empty? 

Babe, it’s time to unapologetically put YOU first.

Sensational Self Retreats are a place for you to retreat not just away from your everyday life, but to quantum leap into a new reality altogether that immerses you into your most authentic, unconventional, purposeful life.

Attending a retreat like this one is a gift to yourself. It’s an incubator for you to step into your highest timeline as your most sovereign, sensual, sexual, spiritual goddess self.

you'll get..

When you attend the Sensational Self Lifestyle Retreat, 
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Daily group coaching and insights-filled workshops

led by Marian

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Endless opportunities to connect with your

Higher self

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In-person connections with other high-powered women looking to become their most sovereign, sexual, sensual and spiritual selves, just like you, goddess!

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Experiences and activities that will activate and empower the shit out of you

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Resources to guide you through the retreat and beyond

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To quantum leap into a whole new aligned timeline from start to finish

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Guided meditations to help you connect with yourself and your vision

Any much, much more! 

ThriverCon is the first intentionally diverse virtual conference for BIPOC entrepreneurs, creators & allies.
A home for intersectional and unconventional leaders, paving the way for the future of business.

Are you Thriving?

ThriverCon is much more than just an online event. ThriverCon is a social impact-driven movement, consciously created to fill a need in the entrepreneurship space to elevate and amplify the voices, experiences and expertise of BIPOC entrepreneurs, creators and allies. It's a win-win-win model that celebrates intersectionality and uplifts unconventionality in leadership, redefining what it means to be an entrepreneur and reimagining what the image of a leader in business looks like for a more inclusive, diverse, forward-thinking model. ThriverCon is a place to immerse yourself among like-minded BIPOC professionals and truly embody what it means to be a Thriver.

We’re proud to compensate our brilliant speakers for their time, and actively look for new emerging WOC talent who might be looking to attend the conference at reduced rates or entirely free of charge. We know the immense positive impact that an opportunity to expand their networks and elevate their expertise can make on budding entrepreneurs, and we’re committed to making ThriverCon an accessible space regardless of financial constraints. We also partner with a charity whose values align with our attendees’ and our programming features sessions that you won't find in mainstream entrepreneurship conferences such as "Decolonization and Ethical Business", "Decolonization of Finances", somatic movement breaks in between sessions, sound healing and meditations.

This is your place to Thrive.

ThriverCon is a place to inspire, educate and activate BIPOC entrepreneurs, founders, coaches, consultants, content creators, influencers, educators, professionals, service-based professionals and allies of diversity & BIPOC communities.

ThriverCon: Built by you, for you

ThriverCon was formally founded by Marian Valenza, a fellow WOC entrepreneur, with you in mind.


You read that right. This conference was exactly what Marian needed earlier in her career, and it is the perfect place to get inspired, educated and activated as BIPOC entrepreneurs, founders, coaches, consultants, content creators, influencers, educators, professionals, other service-based professionals and allies of diversity and BIPOC communities.

It’s a place to come together, build unforgettable life-changing connections with those that understand our experiences and begin shaping what we would like the future of the business space to look like, together.


If you are ready to manifest more impact, positive influence, generate income to grow your business, embody your ultimate Thriver self, and want to network with like-minded folx and brands that support diversity, equity, inclusion and activism, you don’t want to miss this!


Diverse Group of BIPOC Entrepreneurs


Social Media Influencers


Service-Based Entrepreneurs


E-Commerce Entrepreneurs


Allies to BIPOC Communities


Public Speakers


Authors & Writers


Content Creators








Coaches & Consultants


Course Creators






Informative, value-packed, 

experiential and activations gatherings with other like-minded goddesses

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