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Hi Goddess, I’m Marian


Stepping into my world means to step into your power.

Proceed with caution.


You might just find yourself. 



WE DON’T SHY AWAY FROM VULNERABILITY HERE… I work with conscious, unconventional women who have built their businesses from the ground up. It takes a certain kind of tenacity and drive to achieve your dream life, and now that you’re enjoying the fruits of your vigorous work, you’re asking yourself what’s next? 


There is a unique experience to being a woman building your own business that can isolate you and decentralize your womanhood, your divine feminine essence, your sensuality, your sexuality, your spirituality and your intuition from your life. We live in a patriarchal society that tells us we need to be aggressive, competitive and tough for the sake of making it in the business world – here we say…


We have spent enough time in survivor mode, and all it does is disconnect us from our magickal feminine power. All it does is keep us surviving, but not authentically thriving in the way we know we can. We’re stuck in a loop of the life society expects us to live, not a life that we feel is authentically who we are. 


Myself and the women in my community are multidimensional beings. We come from all walks of life, but we share that insatiable thirst for more. We’ve experienced the dark side of life. Many of us have felt disconnected from ourselves, we have suppressed our sensuality, we have felt the need to wear a business suit to blend into an environment we didn’t even want to be in, we have been the Black Sheep (I call us Cycle Breakers) of the group, we have experienced sexual trauma, we have lived in flight or fight mode for years on end, we have been alienated from our families or from society due to not wanting to lead a traditional life, we have fears and blockages around intimacy, commitment, trust. 

I have a unique gift to navigate and understand complicated nuances in my clients because of my own experience as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and trauma, having been a Pro Domme/Dominatrix and in alternative lifestyles, BDSM/kink for over a decade. Mix that with being a highly empathic person who is also clairvoyant, claircognizant and clairsentient... you get a very open minded and highly intuitive coach by your side.


You have found me and my work because you know you deserve more. Because you know there’s a different way to do this magickal thing we call life, and you’re being called to experience your own life to the fullest by your own damn rules. You know that there is a version of you that is living her most ORGASMIC life, expressing herself fully, authentically tapped into her sexual, sensual, spiritual goddess energy. She is no longer subscribed to the hustle, she is turned on by her own life, she makes choices that make her feel fucking good, she listens to what her soul is telling her and blocks out the surrounding noise because she knows… 


I’m here to help you manifest that exact version of you, but most importantly, I’m here to help you realize that she’s been here all along. That person you’ve been dreaming of, hoping for, waiting for this entire time?



I couldn’t believe it either.


If you had told 2013 me that I would be where I am today, a thriving multidimenional, multipassionate, Mystical Mentor and Muse, Spiritual Guide, activational speaker, conscious business owner all the while staying authentic to beautifully unconventional, magickal self and honoring my boundaries and my desires… I probably wouldn’t believe you because I couldn’t have imagined it. 


Back then, I was, by all measures, “making it” in the world. The arbitrary meaning of this was that I was doing everything “right”. I had the degree, the job, I even had the fancy “Marketing Director” title at just 27 years old. My life was perfectly designed to fit the mold, and receiving praise for adhering to this traditional way of living was like drinking poison on the daily.


So, I drank poison to deal with it. To deal with the suffocating weight of childhood sexual abuse, trauma, pressure, depression and to fill the void. 


Then 2014 hit. I overdosed and had an out-of-body, near-death experience that WOKE ME THE FUCK UP. 


Do you ever feel like your internal reality has been shaken to the core?

Like you can no longer wake up and go through your daily routine pretending like you don’t feel stuck in your own body?

For once, standing still became more painful than anything lying on the other side of making the necessary changes could ever be. 

I realized I’d been lying this whole time. To my community, to my friends, and most importantly, to myself. 


For the first time, I did something different. I went inward. I dove in deep headfirst into myself, I recognized that healing was a CHOICE and that I had the power to, in that moment, for the very first time in my life, CHOOSE MYSELF.


So, I chose myself.

I chose to do the shadow work. I chose to meditate. I chose to dive deep into my very own dark night of the soul. I studied personal development, manifestation, spirituality, energy healing, plant medicine – I became a certified Pranayama and Meditation teacher. I invested tens of thousands of dollars into courses, retreats, mentors and coaches – to surround myself with powerful women that lit a fire in me and prioritized healing their own goddess energy and liberating themselves from the bounds and programming holding them back from their full multidimensional creatrix potential. I healed my old wounds, including healing sexual trauma from my childhood. I confronted my fears head on, metaphorically and literally, and reclaimed my body and my powers. I sat with and showed love to my inner child. I began working with other women just like me, guiding them towards their own self-liberation, to tap into the unlimited fountain of goddess energy that’s been inside them all along. 

I built my company, Thriver Lifestyle, because I KNEW that I wanted to guide others just like me to grow, flourish and prosper despite adversity. I raised my vibration and wanted to help other women (especially women of color and folx of marginalized communities) do the same. I committed to thriving in every space I entered by sharing my story and speaking my truth. I was showing up as my most authentic self yet, and people were loving it, because who doesn’t fucking love authenticity? Clients, companies, organizations, podcasts hosts, journalists – everyone was magnetized by the Thriver mindset, and they all wanted to hear more of what the real Marian had to say. They wanted to hear the message the most undiluted, powerful, unapologetic version of me had to share with the world, and needless to say, my business grew, the money started flowing in, my clients were thriving and I got to wake up with gratitude every single damn day that I was doing exactly what I was meant to be doing with my life.

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Oh, yeah. You read that right. We are all works in progress, and even when I did all the hard work of becoming my most authentic self, I realised that evolution never stops. The deeper I went into myself, the more authentic and unapologetic I became, the more I embraced sides of me that I never would’ve gotten to know if I hadn’t begun to peel back those layers all those years ago. I begin to build a muscle for diving headfirst into the unknown.


My identity shifted because I no longer defined myself by my achievements. For so long, I separated my life from my business and from my spiritual self, and this was not doing me any favors. Showing up in my pure priestess energy is a key part to being a conscious business owner – it’s part of what attracts other women just like me to work with me. I show up as my most unconventional, authentic self in business and show up in all my multidimensional glory. I embrace being a woman of color, I embrace being a business owner, I embrace being a witch, I embrace being a healer, I embrace my Filipino heritage, I embrace being sexual and kinky, I embrace being an artist, a Creatrix, I embrace all essences of my being that can’t be easily summed up. 


All parts of me that make me undeniably myself are a sacred gift. I’m here to show you that every part of you you’ve fought hard to deny and been told is wrong by society?


That’s all part of what makes you your most sensational GODDESS SELF, and it’s those gifts that are going to elevate you to show up as your FULL GLORIOUS, MULTIDIMENSIONAL SELF.


“Your vessel is a temple that should be worshipped and adored, respected and protected. 
You are who you have been waiting for.”
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