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Thriver Life & Business Mastery

Thriver Mastery is an inclusive, 12 month business and lifestyle mastermind created for conscious entrepreneurs who are craving a holistic approach and transformed relationship with their life AND businesses so they can finally experience the fullness of ease, joy, sensuality, abundance, pleasure, and luxury!
We've been so conditioned to feel ashamed for feeling pleasure and feeling good, especially for womxn.
OR we feel like we think we have to
"earn" it first by sacrificing our
feminine energy, our joy, and ourselves to feel worthy of our successes. 

i say no more!

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I created Thriver Mastery for Thrivers who already have established success in their business...

but are craving internal alignment to authentically share, promote, and amplify that message so it coincides with your business and lifestyle goals.
Do any (or all) of these sound like you?
  • You're looking for an expert who has been in your shoes, to help you take back power, amplify your voice, and internalize the fullness of pleasure, abundance, and success.
  • You're desperate for the support of like-minded, like motivated, inclusive entrepreneurs and CEOs who understand exactly what you're going through.
  • You know you were intended for greatness, but you're not entirely sure what you definition of greatness is or how to uncover the destiny you're designed to live.
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Hold up!
Look no
Tina P., Los Angeles, CA
Web Designer
"I signed a new client with higher pricing within 1 week of working with Marian! I know that this is just the beginning!"
"She not only coaches me on the best strategies and tips to grow my design business, we have also been working on my money mindset which was really holding me back for a long time."
"Marian understands my cultural and family background and it feels amazing to work with a coach who has that experience. I highly recommend working with Marian if you want to build confidence in yourself, grow your business and get real support.”

In this 12 month mastermind you will become a master of The 5 pillars of Thriver Holistic Success and Wealth.


Activate your inner light to become fully expressed and embodied so you can magnetize massive audiences that are aligned with you and your unique genius.


Learn my 3-step "Conscious Speech Framework" to create a powerful signature talk that inspires, educates and activates your audience. This same framework will also be applied to your appearances on TV, podcasts, publications and more!


Get highly seen and heard on the platforms your ideal clients are on so you can turbocharge your credibility and authority without wasting anymore time.


Learn money making strategies such as speaking and build generational wealth for yourself and your family. Learn how to delegate, automate and grow your team to make money with ease and support.


Position yourself as the go-to-expert and thought-leader in your niche through a combination of your passion, expertise, and experience. When you are lit up, you'll attract everyone to you like a moth to a flame. 
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Thriver Mastery is commited to providing both strategic and spiritual strategies, to help you step into Thriver Consciousness. Over the next 12 months, you'll receive...
Two Mastermind Group Sessions each month
Publicity and visibility training
Monthly teaching and trainings from featured healers and experts
One-on-One onboarding call with the 
CEO, Creator & Founder
Monthly mantras and meditations
Sales Training and Support
Conscious Public Speaking Training on how and where to share your voice
24/7 access to the Conscious Public
Speaking Digital Product
Strategies including the 5 Foundations to creating a Conscious Online Business
Growing your business and brand with 
more pleasure, ease and grace. 
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More than ever before, the world needs more diverse stories to be shared to change the paradigm.

You are part of the narrative. Your audience is hungry for your unique message. Your story absolutely matters. With the 5 P's you'll be equipped with the tools to identify, know, value, share, and amplify your authentic story.  
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Exclusive, One-on-One Customized Coaching


This highly exclusive, custom-tailored One-on-One Coaching program is
designed for successful 6, 7, 8 entrepreneurs especially womxn/womxn of color who look "perfect on paper" but can't seem to shake the feeling that something is missing. You've implemented many strategies but lack on the soulwork, energetics and creating holistic success. 
You have the title, the paycheck, the house, the look, and you're even helping
your clients get INCREDIBLE results, but when you look in the mirror you know
you were intended for more. You want to go deeper within yourself and you crave mentorship from someone who understands energetics. 


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