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Save NOW at the ThriverLifestyle Shop!

Were you working on manifesting more money? Well, I want to help with that by saving you some money. That's right, you can save 20% storewide at the ThriverLifestyle Shop with the code HOLIDAY20. Take advantage of these savings before the disappear!

The Thriver Collection

features t-shirts, sweatshirts, workout gear, and accessories with our dreamy signature pink and purple clouds or powerful phoenix rising.

The Money Vibes Collection

features t-shirts, workout gear, mugs, and notebooks embellished with motivational themes like "money queen" and "rich bitch" (or "rich witch").

The "I AM" Collection

features wall art (printable or pre-framed) and notebooks with powerful affirmations to announce your power, like "I am Enough" and "I am a Goddess".

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