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My new YouTube Channel has launched!!!

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Manifestation methods, manifestation for money, mindset shifts

I am so excited to announce that the first video in my new YouTube Channel, Marian Valenza- Money, Mindset & Manifestation is up!

In this first video, I share the money mindset shifts that I’ve embraced to completely change my life around, from being in debt, broke and suicidal/depressed to creating holistic success and a thriving conscious business! You’ll definitely want to take notes on this one!

Videos will continue to premier every Tuesday and Thursday, so please subscribe to the channel and hit the Notification bell so you will know as soon as they are posted.

To your Thriver success!


Align your frequency to health, wealth and abundance. These meditations will help you heal your Inner Child and bring in more peace, love and money into your life.  


“MEDUSA” SNAKE EARRINGS (Support women-owned small biz)

Promo Code: MARIAN10 for 10% off

*Disclaimer* Marian is an ambassador or affiliate for some of the brands we reference. The information on this website, YouTube videos and the resources available are for educational and informational purposes only.

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