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Hi Goddess, I’m Marian

Let me show you how to embrace the radically holistic approach to wealth, business and success so you can powerfully express your authentic self, and finally enjoy the Thriver lifestyle™ you were born to lead.

“You DON’T have to choose.

You CAN step into SOVEREIGNTY and magnetize more PASSION, PROSPERITY & PLEASURE into your life, business and relationships (especially with yourself)",


Are you Thriving?

Anyone who knows me knows this question makes up the very essence of who I am as the Woman, CEO, Holistic Success Activator, Internationally recognized Conscious Leadership Speaker, and multi-dimensional, multi-passionate leader, I am proud to be.
Today, I am the CEO and Founder of Thriver lifestyle where I help women reclaim their power and manifest their dream lives with pleasure and feminine energy. I teach them to embody the holistic approach to life and business so they can break the constant cycle of grinding and start enjoying their successes with ease and joy.

To break it down, I get FIRED UP walking alongside my clients as they learn to let go of their masculine survivor mentality and start Thriving in their creative, sensual, abundant, feminine energies

But like most success stories, my life and mission were not always this crystalized.
In fact, I spent decades living a double life, caught between the successful facade I was projecting to the world AND the depressed, suicidal, desolate, and powerless person who was trapped behind the mask.
On paper, It looked like I was doing everything "right". I had the degree, the job, I even had the fancy "Marketing Director" title at just 27 years old. I had designed my life to look like I was excelling at "all the things" I was supposed to want for myself. Meanwhile, at each and every opportunity I reached for the bottle to cover up the years of childhood sexual abuse, trauma, pressure, and emptiness I was so desperately trying to make myself forget.

In 2014, my life changed forever when I overdosed and had an out-of-body, near-death experience that finally WOKE ME THE F$%K UP.

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After that life-changing, life threatening experience, I knew something had to change. My life literally depended on it.

For the first time, I made the decision to go inward instead of adding yet  another layer of cover-up to my disguise. Slowly I began to heal by recognizing that I could choose to heal. I had that power within ME.

I became an avid student of personal development, manifestation, spirituality, energy healing, plant medicine and even became a certified Pranayama and Meditation teacher. I invested in tons of courses, coaching, retreats, mentors and started focusing on shifting my mindset by working with the energetics and manifestation. The work was heavy, taxing, yet so liberating. But I remember fiercely fighting for the woman, the Goddess, I was growing into. 

I was no longer willing to give into the victim or survivor mindset, and for the first time , I did something radically differently.

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A Thriver is someone who grows, flourishes, and prospers despite adversity. I committed myself to making moment to moment choices to thrive instead of simply survive

I started my company Thriver Lifestyle because I KNEW that thriving, truly, authentically, and unashamedly thriving, is life a lifelong journey not an overnight fix. I saw how changing my mindset and raising my vibration transformed my life and I wanted to help women (especially women of color and folx from marginalized communities) do the same. 

Once I figured out how to commit to THRIVING in every space I entered, I began to share my story and speak my truth. And get this: people, companies, organizations, podcast hosts, and journalists were magnetized to my Thriver mindset. They wanted to hear what I, the real Marian - the powerful, unapologetic yet fiercely feminine Marian, had to say.

My business grew, money started flowing and every day I wake up with gratitude because I am living the life that I used to dream and pray so hard for. I'm filled with passion and purpose to teach all that I have learned and to be a guide for others. 

If I can become a Thriver, YOU can too!

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